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Former NFL player reaches child custody agreement

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2014 | Child Custody |

Figuring out a child custody arrangement is a sensitive matter. While the needs of the parents are important, the best interests of the child outweigh any other consideration. Finding an arrangement that meets the best interests of the child, as well as satisfies some of the needs of the parents, can be challenging. It often requires careful and deliberate decisions that are informed by legal expertise and experience.

California residents may remember Kordell Stewart from his NFL days. While his battles on the football field may be behind him, Stewart has been involved in a battle involving the custody of his child. The former football star and his son’s mother have been in the custody battle since 2011.

Initially, Stewart requested full custody of his son in 2011. This request was the result of Stewart learning that the child’s mother had planned to move to Los Angeles for a job opportunity and take the child with her. The mother objected, claiming that Stewart spent very little time with the child and that he had gone nearly nine days without calling or texting his son. She also claimed that Stewart never took the child on vacation and had never spent a consecutive five days with the child.

According to reports, the matter was recently settled. A new custody agreement was arranged in which Stewart and his son’s mother will share joint legal custody with Stewart getting physical custody. Neither parent will pay child support. And finally, Stewart will be the decision maker if the parties are ever to disagree on anything relating to the welfare of their son.

With child custody, there is no one size fits all arrangement. Every situation is unique and requires a unique solution. By working carefully with a professional, parents can often devise an agreement that best suits their needs, as well as the best interests of their child.

Source: Madam Noire, “Kordell Stewart Awarded Primary Physical Custody Of Son In Child Custody Battle,” April 8, 2014, Jazmine Denise Rogers


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