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Delinquent child support payments may trigger unique repercussion

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2014 | Child Support |

There can be serious repercussions for California parents who fall behind on child support payments. However, under special circumstances, such as a change in a parent’s income or a change in a child’s financial needs, child support modifications may be made. Until the modification is made, though, payments must resume as agreed upon.

As such, child support enforcers are continuously fighting against the ongoing battle of delinquent payments. A county attorney in another state recently took on a unique approach in that battle, and has partnered with local pizza companies who have agreed to place March Madness Most Wanted flyers on pizza boxes. The flyers highlight 12 parents with outstanding bench warrants for failing to make child support payments. Information on the flyers include each individual’s name, arrearage amount and height and weight. Those who may have information about the whereabouts of an individual are encouraged to contact the Child Support Unit.

In addition to possibly being subjected to having one’s information on a pizza box, consequences for delinquent payment offenders may also include having a driver’s license revoked, having property seized, having wages garnished and jail time, to name a few. The U.S. Department of State may even deny parents issuance of a passport, should they have any delinquent child support payments.

California follows the Income Share model when determining compensation, taking into consideration the amount of time each parent has custody of the children. There may be an additional amount awarded to parents who have been prevented from seeing their children, by the other parent. Of course, a person’s situation can change, but if such a change is not addressed with the court, a once-appropriate payment amount may become too much for someone to handle.

Whether a parent is seeking an increase in child support payments or attempting to get payments reduced, keeping up with payments and all other agreements are crucial until a modification has been made, in an effort to avoid repercussions like this. Proper legal guidance may help lead parents to the most effective payment plan, in an effort to make sure there are enough funds available for the children to live happy and healthy lives.

Source:, “Pizza Boxes to List Child Support Offenders,” March 17, 2014


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