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California woman charged for interfering with child custody

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Child Custody |

For couples going through a divorce, it is often more complicated than simply discontinuing a relationship with a spouse and dividing assets, especially if there are children involved. Although each parent may want full custody of a child, parents must come to an agreement that best suits the child.

Recently, a $250,000 cash bond has been set for a California woman who allegedly took child custody matters into her own hands without discussing it with the child’s father. The woman is facing charges of interfering with child custody of the other parent, and could potentially sit in prison for over 12 years, if convicted.

The case began in 2011 when the child’s father reported that he was unable to locate the mother. At the time, the couple was living in Wisconsin, and the father told police he believed the woman had taken the child to Mexico. According to the complaint, the mother did tell the father that she had been offered a job in California, and he could come to California after a period of time. The father said he missed about 20 scheduled visits with his child because no one, including the police, could locate the mother.

If one divorced parent is looking to move to another state or country, like the California mother did, a court order may determine if relocation is even possible. If relocation is granted, details, like travel costs and a visitation arrangement, would need to be discussed. In some cases, the court may grant the non-relocating parent physical custody of the child, if it means the child will be more stable closer to home.

Some parents going through a divorce may be able to work out child custody agreements on their own, but some may prefer to seek legal guidance from a trained professional. California law focuses on the best interests of the child, and, with a little guidance, a successful child custody plan can be created.

Source: The Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, “$250,000 cash bond for ex-Beaver Dam woman who allegedly illegally took child to California,” Trista Pruett, Mar. 19, 2014


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