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January divorce month after the stress of the holidays

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2014 | Property Division |

It is no uncommon thing to seek out a divorce after the holiday season. Some California residents appreciate that there is often, in fact, an uptick in the divorce numbers in January. In a moment of sardonic depth, January is sometimes referred to as National Divorce Month.

Why the divorce rate rises in January is not always clear. However, there is certainly speculation. The most popular theory seems to occupy a theme of letdown. Specifically, some speculate than, when a couple ensures the stress of a holiday, they hope the joyous time might revive the marriage, but fails to do so usually means the end of the end. Couples begin to consider whether they want to do another year.

If a couple does make a decision to separate, there are certainly serious things to consider, including property division, alimony, child custody and child support. Making these decisions can be incredibly difficult, particularly during such a time of animosity.

Making these decisions with the expert advice and counsel of a legal advocate can be a very helpful move. Legal counsel can ensure that an individual makes logical and non-emotion-filled decisions. Legal counsel is well versed in the law and can ensure a fair and equitable result for ideally both parties in the end.

While national divorce month may not mean a lot good news in January, it can mean individuals are taking steps toward making a better, happier life for themselves. Getting a divorce may not always be an easy decision, but it is a good decision in the end.

Source: The Daily Herald, “Your health: Is January National Divorce Month?,” Jan. 20, 2014.


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