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California group wants to require pre-marriage classes

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2014 | Divorce Mediation |

California residents may well agree that there is a rare marriage that starts out aiming for divorce. Further, while there are certainly common reasons for divorce, there is no perfect formula by which any couple might abide in order to escape separation later on. Yet, there are steps individuals can take in order to try to help maintain a healthy marriage. This often includes keeping communication lines open and being ready to commit to one person.

One group out of California believes that another avenue to reducing the likelihood of separation includes attending mandatory pre-marriage education classes. The group is attempting to implement these mandatory classes into Colorado law. First time marrying couples would have to take ten hours of classes. Those marrying for a second time would need to take 20 hours and those marrying for a third time would be forced to take 30 hours.

The group believes that getting people education and better preparing them for marriage will help reduce divorce numbers. In order to get the initiative on the Colorado November ballot, they would have to get more than 85,000 signatures. The group plans to attempt similar efforts across the country.

Whether or not pre-marriage education catches on, divorces will still occur. If a couple does ultimately need to obtain a divorce the vast array of issues to address ranging from property division to child custody to alimony can be overwhelming.

When a couple faces separation, it is important to gain the proper help and guidance in order to ensure the most fair and stress free experience possible. While obtaining a divorce is never easy, taking the proper steps can help reduce the struggle substantially. Alternative separation proceedings, such as mediation can often be a part of this stress reducing process. Divorce mediation is a less adversarial option than the court room where the couple and their attorneys are guided by a trained mediator to talk through issues and come to mutually agreeable decisions together.

Source: Fox News,” Colorado proposal would require pre-marriage education classes,” January 21, 2014.


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