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Moving on after divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2013 | Property Division |

When we are young, we learn what we want in a significant other through trial and error. This is an acceptable way to go about things when one is 17-years-old with no real concept of the progression of time and no substantial demands on life. Ideally, when we marry, our spouse meets the expectations so hard fought to identify. Yet, as many California residents know, some marriages do not work out, and what we thought we wanted may not have been right after all.

When a marriage ends, the divorce process can be a difficult one to undergo. There are hard questions to answer involving child custody and property division. California, a community property state, considers any property acquired during the marriage to be co-owned by both spouses. This means that upon divorce, these co-owned assets are divided equally among the separating spouses. Any property acquired before or after marriage is non-marital property and belongs to the spouse who individually acquired it.

Sometimes, we learn that certain characteristics are impossible to deal with. Although choosing to divorce is never easy, after one goes through a marriage and a divorce they are likely to become more aware about what they want in a partner.

Recently, Twitter asked followers to identify the things they could not deal with in a new relationship after divorce. People sited a variety of reasons, everything from jealousy to selfishness.

While divorce is a difficult process, it is always important to remember that people will gain a fresh start. And with that fresh start, is a chance to find the right person in the end.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Dating After Divorce: 21 Relationship Dealbreakers According to Twitter,” Dec. 26, 2012


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