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Pre-wedding doubts could lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2012 | High Asset Divorce |

There are many reasons why going through a divorce can be difficult. Emotional strife, complex property division and battles over child custody can be challenging to deal with. However, a new study may help California residents in identifying whether their relationship is headed for divorce before they even get to the altar.

The Journal of Family Psychology recently released a study in which 230 newlywed couples were followed. After tracking their progress every six months, the researchers found that pre-wedding doubts could play a big part in predicting whether a couple is headed for divorce.

In fact, 19 percent of women who expressed feelings of doubt before the wedding were divorced four years later. Only 8 percent of the women who did not express feelings of doubt were divorced in that same time period. The statistics are strikingly similar for men. Four years after the marriage, 14 percent of the men who expressed doubt before the wedding were divorced. Only 9 percent who had no doubts were divorced four years later.

According to experts, when individuals make a commitment and begin planning a wedding they are less likely to end the relationship in spite of any lingering feelings of doubt. And while many brush the surges of uncertainty aside before the wedding, explaining away this unfortunate inkling with pre-wedding jitters, those feelings may actually mean something. Experts recommend that if someone is feeling any doubt, he or she should consider counseling.

Despite this new information, no one can ever know for sure whether a couple’s marriage will end in divorce. For some couples, divorce may be their only option. Individuals in California who are considering divorce would likely benefit from consulting with an experienced divorce attorney.

Source: WABC-TV, “New study shows why some marriages end in divorce,” Dr. Sapna Parikh, Sept. 27, 2012


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