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Mediation can lead to better post-divorce relationships

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Divorce Mediation |

There are many pluses to deciding to mediate your divorce. But perhaps the primary reason to go this route is that it leaves the door open to a better relationship with your ex after the ink has dried on your divorce judgment.

For couples who share children, this can be quite significant. You know that you will still have to deal with your ex in the future. Custody exchanges, conferring about the kids and family events involving the children will all bring the two of you in contact with one another in the years to come.

It can be very difficult to interact with your ex after battling it out in a contentious divorce. The same person slinging barbs and arrows at you in the courtroom is the one with whom you’ll be expected to play nice at your son’s bar mitzvah or your daughter’s First Communion.

Transitioning from enemies in court to co-parents at family celebrations can be difficult if not impossible for many divorced parents. Some never fully segue into less adversarial roles. That’s certainly not a healthy relationship model for the kids to witness.

Choosing mediation over litigation of your divorce can preserve whatever semblance of a civil relationship you have with your ex. It can allow the two of you to move forward into your co-parent roles without anger and bitterness clouding the relationship you share going forward.

Would you like to learn more about divorce mediation? Our Pleasanton law firm can help you decide whether this would be a viable option for ending your marriage.


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