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Former football star and wife heading for high asset divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Divorce |

Celebrity divorces are common throughout California. In these prominent situations, financial concerns will frequently dominate the headlines and people who are not famous or are of lesser means might be under the impression that the case cannot be considered in the context of their own. However, with any divorce, the issues will often be comparable to one another. This is especially true if it is a high asset divorce. Regardless, it is sound advice to have legal assistance from the beginning, whether there were prenuptial agreements or not.

Johnny Manziel, the controversial former college football star who struggled with a variety of on and off-field issues during his brief time as a professional, is divorcing his wife. Mr. Manziel – nicknamed, “Johnny Football” for his Heisman Trophy-winning performance at Texas A&M — is splitting with Instagram model, Bre Tiesi. Ms. Tiesi filed for divorce in California. The couple was married for one year and parted ways earlier this year. They had yet to file for divorce until recently.

Ms. Tiesi asserted that Mr. Manziel was unfaithful. The couple started dating three years ago. Mr. Manziel was a first-round draft pick of the Cleveland Browns, but had multiple issues, including reported substance abuse problems. He briefly played in Canada after leaving the NFL, but was released for contract violations. He also played briefly in the Alliance of American Football before the league folded.

Any divorce can be worrisome, but when it involves people in the public eye who have high incomes and a vast net worth, it is even more complicated. Dividing property and assets, as well as spousal support, can come up and be the foundation for extensive dispute. In many cases, there is a chance that the parties will be able to negotiate an agreement and move on without a contentious legal battle. In others, that is not possible.

For any case whether it is high asset and involves famous people or is understated with less at stake, having legal assistance can be imperative. A law firm that understands divorce and other family law issues might help with the case.


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