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Options if there is dissatisfaction with a child support agency

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Divorce |

California parents who have ended their relationship and are in a dispute over child support will need to deal with the appropriate child support agency. When the case is resolved, that does not necessarily mean it is over. The supporting parent and the receiving parent might be displeased with the way the case was handled individually or both parties might be unhappy with it. It is important to understand what steps can be taken when filing a complaint and if there can be a state hearing.

There are certain actions or failure to act for which the parent can ask for a state hearing. If there is an application for a parent to receive child support services and there was a denial or the necessary timeframe was not adhered to, it is cause for complaint. If there was an action, but it violates the law or regulations or was not done in the appropriate timeframe, there can be a complaint – this can include establishing, modifying or enforcing a child support order.

If there was supposed to be a child support collection and it was not distributed or was distributed in an incorrect way, or if there were delinquent payments and the amount is inaccurate, this can be brought to the state. It is important to note that a dispute over the amount of child support detailed in the court order cannot be heard by the state. If the child support agency decided to close the case, a parent can seek a state hearing on the matter.

It is not uncommon for there to be an ongoing dispute about a decision made in a family law case. For parents who are dealing with a local child support agency and are not accepting of the decisions that were made and they fall into the above categories, it might be eligible to be addressed in a state hearing. Having help from a law firm that is aware of child support issues, handles divorce cases and all aspects of family law is a wise step to solve these problems.


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