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Legal help can be useful, even in an uncontested divorce

On Behalf of | May 24, 2018 | Divorce |

When a California couple decides that they are at the end of their marriage and they have essentially settled all their issues, they may pursue an uncontested divorce. This is a useful way to simply part ways and avoid the rancor, aggravation and excessive cost that accompanies many divorces. However, a common question that people will ask themselves is if they even need to have legal advice when there is an uncontested and relatively amicable parting of the ways. The answer is that can help to have legal assistance to avoid unexpected divorce legal issues.

Any legal case can have complications. It is not unusual for simple proceedings to have a stumbling block that can open the floodgates to a whole host of problems. Legal assistance may help keep that from happening. Other factors, such as the unexpected realizations and emotional responses, can cause an untold number of negatives. Then there are the legal factors in filing the case and having all the agreements adhere to the law. These are not always simple tasks, but a lawyer can ensure they are all completed as they should be.

Even the quickest and easiest cases can be anything but. Having legal advice is important, especially in cases where there are major assets involved. People might think they are able to separate themselves from any negativity, but when it comes to a home, a vehicle and other financial factors, it is good to have professional help. Negotiating any problems can be easier when the couple is not in an endless dispute, but it is wise to avoid doing so alone, since issues can spiral out of control.

Although the underlying connotations of the mere phrase “uncontested divorce” might make it sound like there will be an easy solution, there have been an endless number of cases where it has been anything but. A lawyer who is experienced in a wide variety of divorce cases can be consulted to discuss the matter from start to finish.


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