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3 financial tips for women considering divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2018 | Blog |

You’ve been like many women and gone back to work after you had your child. You have your own accounts and your own money. Still, you and your spouse rely on one another to pay bills and create a savings.

You’re starting to worry about the state of your marriage, though. Your husband isn’t acting like he usually does, and you’ve noticed more money is going missing from your shared account than usual. What should you do? Here are three tips if you’re considering divorce.

1. Start your own bank account

If you don’t already have one, get your own bank account and credit card ready. You don’t want to have any accounts shared with your spouse when you begin a divorce. It’s a good idea to get printouts of your current shared account holdings and then to close them. Normally, you do not need both spouses to be present at the bank to close an account.

2. Collect documents

At this point, you still shouldn’t have discussed divorce with your spouse. Begin to collect all your financial documents. You could say it’s for taxes or just to get caught up on your receipts. Whatever you need, get it ahead of time before you discuss divorce with your spouse. Some people will go as far as to lock you out of accounts if you don’t do this before you have a discussion about ending your marriage.

3. Have a savings

Finally, make sure you have a savings. You want to have enough money for the essentials as well as to cover court costs and fees. It’s a good idea to start saving a few months before you go through with the divorce if possible.

Making a good financial plan helps you avoid the struggles that sometimes accompany divorce. With early planning, it’s easier to separate what you own from your spouse’s assets.


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