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On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Divorce Alternative Dispute Resolution |

Deciding to divorce is not an easy choice to make. Even more so, it is challenging to determine how best to approach this process. Thus, it become imperative that divorcing couples understand how they can approach the process and what mechanisms they can utilize to reach the best outcome possible.

Litigation is the traditional way to end a marriage; however, it is not the only way. Because ligation can be expensive, long and emotional, some couples seek a divorce alternative that can help them reach an amicable agreement without the high price tag or a multitude of disputes. At John T. Chamberlin Attorney at Law, our experienced legal team is well versed in divorce alternate dispute resolution options. We are dedicated to serving California spouses, helping them understand that they have the ability to move through the divorce process timely and cost efficiently.

Whether you have a pre or postnuptial agreement or not, we can go through the ADR process with our clients. We understand that these options can seem a bit foreign; thus, we take the time to fully explain the steps from beginning to end. Whether you decide mediation, collaboration or arbitration is right for you, our skilled attorneys will ensure that you feel comfortable with your decision.

Additionally, when our clients feel like the process is not working or the most beneficial option for them, we discuss other available methods. There is no one size fits all way to divorce. In some cases, divorcing spouses need to utilize one or more ADR options. For some, these methods may not resolve all divorce issues. Therefore, the need to litigate the matter in court is still possible.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s divorce alternative dispute resolution page. It is an emotional process to initiate a divorce; thus, the best way to address all the ups and downs of the process is to become fully informed about all your options when it comes to ending a marriage.


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