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Bay area internet entrepreneur faces for high asset divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Divorce |

High asset divorces can be challenging for divorcing couples. The wife of a local Bay Area video game developer recently filed for divorce. As part of her divorce filing, she is also challenging the couple’s prenuptial agreement. Her husband is an angel investor who was in at the beginning of Facebook and Twitter. He owns greater than 10 percent of the video game company that has been behind Farmville and Words with Friends and controls nearly 70 percent of the company’s shareholder vote.

One issue related to the divorce is that the divorce could potentially dilute his control over the company which he founded. The founder’s stake in the company is worth approximately $254 million. A corporate executive or CEO’s divorce can end up impacting a company which can be an important consideration. High asset divorces can be exceptionally complex and bring up a variety of concerns it is necessary to focus on throughout the process. Ultimately, cash and property may end up being included in any divorce settlement.

While it is possible to challenge prenuptial agreements in California, it can be difficult to do so. Challenges may, for instance, be based on the fact that both spouses did not consult with independent representation prior to signing the prenuptial agreement or that the spouses did not fully disclose their assets. It could also place support that has been agreed upon in jeopardy. Divorces bring up a host of sometimes emotional and contentious issues which is why it is helpful for divorcing couples to be familiar with what to expect.

Knowledge of the process can help divorcing couples be better prepared for what they should anticipate from the divorce process and better negotiate a divorce settlement. Because the divorce process can be time consuming, trained guidance and knowledgeable understanding during the divorce process can be helpful.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, “Divorce may loosen Pincus’ grip on Zynga,” Thomas Lee, April 5, 2017


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