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Couples wish their marriage to last forever. However, disputes often arise after spouses start living together, and sometimes they resolve to separate. Although couples do not look forward to such a situation, it is important for them to agree on what would happen if they had to undergo this disheartening process. Spouses bear children and gain wealth as well as liabilities. Such factors make the end of a marriage extremely complicated.

California does not require either of the spouses to prove that their partner was at-fault to seek for marriage dissolution. Any of the two can file for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. You may also file for divorce if you can prove that your partner is suffering from incurable insanity. Domestic spouses do not to prove residency, and they can file for divorce even when residing elsewhere. For others, one or both of the parties must have lived in California for at least six months before filing the petition. The earliest you can get a divorce is six months after the respondent receives a summon.

Child support depends on the income of each parent and the amount of time the child is to spend with each of them. This plan continues until the child reaches 19 years of graduates from high school. The court may also require one parent to pay alimony to the other. The amount of support depends on factors like the current living standards, health and age of the couples, and the marriage duration. It is common for emotions to overwhelm some people making them push for unrealistic amounts. In such a case, a family law attorney can advocate for reasonable support to ensure that the lives of the parties and their children are not adversely affected.

California is a community property state. Apart from separate property, assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage are shared equally. You can agree to divide your possessions out of the courts. The court also allows you to devise child custody and visitation plans. If you cannot agree, the court rules. The process can be devastating and stressful. You may not be in a position to make rational decisions.

If divorce is inevitable to you, consult a Pleasanton Divorce lawyer to advocate for your rights and interests.


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