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Child custody mediation can be helpful for parents

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Child custody cases can be drawn out and emotional, especially when they are part of the divorce process. When parents are able to agree to most of their child custody concerns, they may be able to save time, cost and acrimony through the mediation process by mediating their child custody concerns. The outcomes produced by the mediation process can be more favorable all around and are usually more specifically tailored to the needs of the family.

Child custody decisions are always guided by what is in the best interests of the child. When the parents work together through the mediation process to resolve child custody concerns, it can be beneficial for everyone involved. The mediation process is a solution-oriented and problem solving process that can help couples through the divorce and child custody processes. Child custody mediation can help parents focus on what is most important and in the best interests of the child rather than their emotions.

Mediation is not binding, is not used in litigation and the mediator is a neutral party that can listen and help guide the parents towards shared resolutions and the development of a parenting plan and child custody agreement. Mediation can also take less time and litigating the issues in court but does not prevent the parties from going to court if necessary. As an added benefit, mediation can help develop a process for parents when future concerns arise and provides the parents with more control over the process overall.

It is important parents handling child custody concerns and disputes are familiar with the range of family law resources available to them. Child custody mediation is one that may help.

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