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Divorce-related modifications are available in some situations

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2016 | Child Support |

Families can experience many changes following a divorce. Potential job loss, the need to relocate for a career or a child’s developmental changes can all have an impact on the relevance of a divorce order. Because change is understood, the family law process provides the option to request a child support modification, child custody modification or even a modification of spousal support.

At times, a modification request may be contested so it is important to understand under what circumstances they are granted and to understand how to approach them. Divorce-related modifications may be granted by the court based on a significant change in circumstances. Concerning child custody modification requests, a relocation for a job, a change in work hours that cannot be avoided and some other types of circumstances may be considered a significant change in circumstances warranting a change in child custody.

Regarding child custody or spousal support, the loss of a job, significant change in income or significant change in the needs of the child, for instance, may be considered a significant change in circumstances for the purposes of a child support or spousal support modification. Additional factors such as illness or caring for a family member may also be considered when a modification request is made.

If a modification is needed, it is important to file a request for modification of child support, child custody or spousal support with the court and not simply make changes inconsistent with an existing child support or child custody order or agreement. In addition to making a timely request, it is also important to understand the implications and application of a divorce-related modification if granted.

At our law firm we understand how important it is to make timely changes following a change in circumstances. Our compassionate attorneys can help walk people through this difficult process following a divorce.


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