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Collaborative divorce is also a resource for same-sex couples

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2016 | Divorce Mediation |

This blog recently discussed the benefits of the collaborative divorce process. Collaborative divorce options can also be helpful for same-sex couples who are divorcing. Same-sex couples going through the dissolution process in California, whether they have children or not, will have similar concerns as opposite-sex partners going through the dissolution process. If the couple has children, child custody and child support become concerns in addition to property division and spousal support.

The dissolution process also applies to domestic partnerships in California because same-sex partners ending their partnership may have all of the same concerns as divorcing couples. Whatever concerns a couple may have associated with divorce and dissolution, the collaborative divorce process may also be a benefit to same-sex couples. Collaborative divorce allows the couple to focus time and resources on the divorce-related issues that are of most concern to them.

During the collaborative divorce process, effort is spent on resolution of issues that are most important to the couple and their family rather than a more standardized approach. Same-sex marriage and divorce are still fairly new so the collaborative divorce process may be able to better meet the needs of same-sex couples due to its more flexible and responsive approach. Same-sex couples may encounter unique challenges, such as tax-related concerns, during the divorce process and, because of the nature of the approach, the collaborative divorce process may be more responsive to these needs and concerns.

Collaborative divorce allows couples a forum to work out issues that they prioritize. Divorce can be challenging, so it may be beneficial for couples to speak with a family law attorney to discuss their options.

Source: Collaborative Practice San Francisco, “The Collaborative Process and LGBT Families,” Accessed May 21, 2016


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