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Divorce options may increase possibility of an amicable divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2016 | Divorce Mediation |

Pleasanton is a beautiful community that many people enjoy living in. Valentine’s Day was recently celebrated again this year and according to studies, it signals an increase in divorce activity. While the cost to divorce in California is $435, the total cost for divorce can be significantly more. The overall cost of a divorce can vary depending on the amount of money and assets the couple has and the amount of conflict between the couple over the money and assets. There are, however, to divorce options that may save the couple money during the divorce process.

Two types of divorce that may save a divorcing couple money and lead to a more amicable divorce include divorce mediation and collaborative divorce. Both divorce mediation and collaborative divorce are options that can help couples reach amicable resolutions. Both can save acrimony and expenses and provide a more efficient resolution for the couple’s divorce.

Divorce mediation and collaborative divorce, however, can require some level of trust between the parties and cooperation between the divorcing couple. Collaborative divorce can be more costly than divorce mediation but provides options such as financial professionals, divorce coaches and other professionals to help the couple through their divorce. Divorce-related professionals can help speed along the divorce process which can provide both cost and time savings for the couple.

It is never pleasant when emotions drive the divorce process yet many emotions are obviously involved in the divorce process. It is important for the couple to select a process that they are comfortable and that works for them and their family which is why the family law process offers different options for divorcing couples to consider.

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