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Collaborative divorce may help with a more peaceful divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | Divorce Mediation |

Fighting out divorce-related issues in a courtroom setting can, more often than not, be an unpleasant process for families and divorcing couples. Divorce litigation can sometimes be stressful, time-consuming, costly, and can also have a negative impact on children involved in the divorce. A collaborative divorce is an alternative approach to a traditional divorce that can help couples resolve divorce-related issues more peacefully.

Different parties are involved in the collaborative divorce process to help couples reach outcomes that are equitable but also favorable based on the goals and needs of the parties. The collaborative divorce process can be similar to mediation, which can often also be beneficial for divorcing couples. The collaborative divorce process provides a safe, neutral, and private setting for couples to negotiate resolutions to divorce-related issues.

All of the parties involved in the collaborative divorce process commit to the process and the representatives for the parties agree not to be involved if the divorce does go to court. In those instances, nothing that was discussed during the collaborative law process can be used in court. The collaborative divorce process is designed to provide all of the parties with a way to discuss and resolve their divorce matters without the negative animosity associated with litigation. Additionally, those who choose collaborative divorce avoid having their dirty laundry aired out in court.

The family law system provides different options for families to consider to help them through the divorce process and family-law related issues. A careful understanding of the different resources available can help families and couples determine what options are best for them. Our legal team has years of experience helping couples dissolve their marriages, and we are happy to speak with those who are considering divorce so that they can learn those options that are available to them.


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