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Divorce mediation can be a good option to consider

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Divorce Mediation |

Alternatives to the traditional litigation process associated with divorce or separation are available to couples in California. Divorce mediation can provide a number of benefits and advantages for divorcing couples seeking an alternative to the court-related divorce process. Mediation and alternative dispute resolution can resolve a number of important divorce-related concerns including alimony, child support and child custody.

The divorce mediation process can be a more pleasant alternative because it can be an amicable, private, safe and effective process. The divorce mediation process creates an environment that fosters collaboration rather than courtroom attacks and resolutions that are good for both parties involved. In addition, the divorce mediation process is private and allows for divorce-related issues to be discussed openly and freely but not in a forum that is public such as a courtroom or the litigation process.

In addition, the divorce mediation process may feel safer to divorcing parties because it creates a safe environment to discuss divorce-related issues. Divorce mediation promotes openness because details and issues discussed during the divorce mediation process cannot be later used in the courtroom setting. Divorce mediation aims to create a more comfortable environment where disputes can be resolved.

Of equal importance is the effectiveness of divorce mediation. The divorce mediation process allows the parties a significant amount of ownership throughout the process and provides for flexibility and creativity for the parties to problem solve and create solutions that work best for their family. In many ways, the divorce mediation process is uniquely designed to meet needs of divorcing parties and their families and can save families time money and animosity which is why it is worth considering for many divorcing couples.


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