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A California attorney can help finalize an amicable divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2014 | Divorce Mediation |

Very often couples in the United States, including those in California, do not want to go through the elaborate process of divorce litigation. Many have found divorce mediation a cheaper alternative to courtroom divorce. An amicable divorce not only reduces the costs associated with divorce but also helps minimize the emotional stress associated with courtroom divorce.

An experienced attorney should inform a client that divorce mediation offers many benefits. For instance, disputes related to child custody, child support and property division can be resolved with far less stress. The divorce attorneys at John T. Chamberlin understand that mediation helps promote an environment of cooperation during a divorce and that working together can achieve great results.

An uncontested divorce can be best for the children, who may be emotionally traumatized when parents fight it out in a court of law. But a very understanding attorney can show empathy for a divorcing couple and make their situation as stress free as possible for them and for their children. Divorce mediation also makes for a safer situation, since both couples can be as open as possible in a collaborative environment. Of course, only a very experienced attorney can act as a neutral mediator and provide a congenial atmosphere where the divorcing couples can freely express themselves.

A strong and knowledgeable divorce attorney can help divorcing couples, who are already upset, find a creative solution to their divorce problems.The attorney can help create a customized solution tailored specifically to their needs so that they don’t have to depend on a judge for critical matters related to child custody and child support.


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