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Things take an ugly turn in Collins-Grant divorce litigation

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2014 | High Asset Divorce |

Statistics say that in America, almost half of all marriages end in divorce. Among other things, California is said to have one of the highest divorce rates in the United States. An event such as a divorce is often unpleasant and can involve a lot of heightened emotions. Divorce litigation may also cause certain financial changes in the family’s immediate future and often involves many issues, from child support to asset division. Things may turn ugly as well if there is a substantial amount of assets to be divided among the people involved.

That seems to be the case with the divorce of television actor Stephen Collins and his former wife, Faye Grant as an already ugly split got even uglier following the leak of certain controversial audio recordings. Allegedly, the tapes are of a recorded confession that Collins made a few years ago in which he admitted to inappropriate sexual conduct with a minor.

Following the leak, Collins’ lawyers accused his former wife of intentionally leaking the tape to the media. She apparently had made the recording during a therapy session in 2012. Allegedly, Grant made the recordings to use as leverage to get more money out of the divorce proceeding than what was offered to her in the divorce settlement. According to Collins’ lawyers, Grant had previously threatened to release the tapes on multiple occasions.

Apparently, Grant is seeking a share of a significant amount of the assets that belong to Collins. According to the court papers that Grant filed in 2013, she alleges that there are millions in their retirement accounts along with Collins’ monthly earnings, which also range in the millions as well as two properties that are valued at approximately $2.7 million each.

According to Grant, Collins has resisted all attempts to negotiate the divorce proceeding amicably, which has left her with no choice but to take legal action to protect her right to spousal support.

Source: People Magazine, “Inside Stephen Collins’s Contentious Divorce: The Financial Stakes,” Gillian Telling, Oct. 8, 2014


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