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Handling child support delinquencies in California

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | Child Support |

Divorces are emotionally traumatic for the parties involved. Children can often sufferer the most from broken homes. Most states in the United States of America, including California, apply the test of “best interest of the child” in order to determine most divorce issues that are related to the child of a divorce. These issues may include child support, child custody and visitation rights.

One is not left defenseless when faced with a child support delinquency. A complaint may be filed in the local child support agency within 90 days of the complaint. If the LCSA does not adequately respond to the queries, a state hearing may be filed within 90 days again. Within a complaint resolution program, an ombudsman may help parents understand their rights and responsibilities in child support.

Many times a divorce proceeding can be very bitter. An acrimonious and adversarial approach taken by both parties during divorce proceedings can often be reflected in the court room. Bitter estranged spouses may become inadvertently caustic during child support and child custody cases as well. The issue of child support may be exacerbated in cases of unwed parents. Sometimes a father who is not married to the mother of his child may find himself affected by prejudice in child support cases.

Child support is determined by the legal system based on many determining factors. Comparing both the income of the non-custodial parent with the income of the custodial parent and the lifestyle of the child before a divorce may help determine the best interests of the child. Getting professional help can be beneficial for the parents of the child during the initiation of the child support case.

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