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California one-day divorce may ease tension between couples

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2014 | Divorce Mediation |

Due to the legal complications and emotional stress involved in the process of divorce, many married couples in California may shrink away from initiating a divorce. From lawyers’ fees, to the time lost in arguing in court over issues such as alimony, child custody etc., the traditional process of divorce can be daunting and complicated for many people.

One solution to this problem is for two parties to opt for an amicable resolution, via a collaborative divorce or divorce mediation. This allows the parties to step out of the adversarial mindset that litigation imposes and instead engages both sides in cooperative deliberation about their respective demands with the assistance of an experienced legal counsel. This option is gaining rapid popularity across the country. For those not inclined to have a more expensive, time consuming divorce, certain Californian courts have introduced a “one day divorce program.”

The name however does not mean that the entire process will literally be completed in a day. The people choosing this program still have to qualify for the residency and notification requirements, file a divorce petition, and serve divorce papers. After that initial hurdle, the rest of the procedure mandated can be expedited.

A coordinator may be used by the parties to guide them on procedural formalities. Obviously, the success of this process is limited to situations where there is no obvious dispute between the couple regarding child support, custody, etc. In many cases, this process will be cheaper and faster. California’s success with the program may determine its future and acceptance for the rest of the country.

Source:, “One-day divorces in CA chop costs, pain,” Ann Carrns, June 6, 2014


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