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Can watching movies really help avoid divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2014 | Divorce Mediation |

It is a topic that has be discussed inside and out by many in Oakland; how can one avoid divorce and save a marriage? The answer to this question however is often left unanswered. There appears to be no “silver bullet” one can use to save a marriage and the key to success is often different from couple to couple. One recent study however, proposes that a possible way to avoid divorce is found in the past time of watching movies.

The study, conducted by researchers out of the University of Rochester, New York, followed 172 newlywed couples to find that when couples watch movies about relationships together and then talk about how the movie might compare to their own relationship can reduce chances of divorce by 50 percent.

The study certainly did not start out seeking this end. The researchers divided couples into three groups, two of which were given therapist-guided training in a form of conflict management or compassion and acceptances approaches. The third group was asked to watch a list of movies about relationships with their significant other and then discuss the movie as it compares to their own relationship. The end result was that watching movies and discussing the relationship was just as effective as undergoing therapist guided training.

Sadly, divorce is sometimes the unavoidable option and when that occurs, it is important to consider all the difficult issues the couple will soon be approaching. Yet, perhaps this study could illustrate something helpful that can be used during a divorce – communication.

Even if a couple has decided to split, the divorce process need not be contentious or fought out in front of a judge. Divorce mediation is a process that allows the parties to openly discuss issues like property division, child custody and more in seeking amicable resolutions. Such open discourse in the presence of a mediator can help limit the emotional stress of the process and put those involved on the path towards a new beginning.

Not every relationship begins and ends like those seen in the movies. However, that does not have to mean that difficult times in real life can’t have a happy ending.

Source: The Blaze,” Men, if you value your marriage, here’s the evidence that says you should be watching chick flicks,” Liz Klimas, Feb. 3, 2014


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