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A divorce might build character in the long run

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2013 | Divorce Mediation |

California residents often agree that going through a separation is a troubling and truly difficult process. The hard decisions, such as separating from one’s once thought life partner, determining difficult questions, such as child custody, child support and dividing property, can take a hardy toll on all involved. Yet, it is also important to keep in perspective the potential positive aspects of getting the separation.

First, an unhappy marriage affects the couple and their family and friends much more negatively than the divorce. Ending a relationship that no longer satisfied either spouse is a step in the right direction. Making a decision to leave an unhappy union is a move toward finding one’s true happiness again. On top of all this, recent studies demonstrate that those who experience certain hardships, like bereavement and divorce, end up appreciating certain aspects of life, much more than others later.

Specifically, a recent essay posted by the University of California – Berkley’s Greater Good Science Center analyzed a group of people who underwent substantial life hurdles, such as marriage separation. Per the essay’s conclusion, those who undergo certain tolls in life have a greater perspective on life later and tend to not be overwhelmed by temporary troubles.

Additionally, a study published by the Social Psychological and Personality Science analyzed data on aspects of ability to savor life pulled from 15,000 adults. The participants were posed questions about whether they had gone through a divorce or experience the death of a loved one. They were also asked whether they believed they dealt with the emotional toils of the events. It was found that those individuals who underwent divorce were more likely to savor the little things in life, such as watching a waterfall and hiking in the woods.

Getting a divorce can be a hard decision. However, when the dust clears and the pursuit of happiness is one’s next track, the life-changing event is often thought to be a positive one.

Source: Medical Daily, “Having A Bad Day Actually Makes You Happier In The Long Run By Enabling Your Ability To ‘Savor’ The Little Things In Life,” Lizette Borreli, Dec. 9, 2013.


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