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The Twilight of a California marriage

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2012 | Property Division |

Actor in the recent phenomenon, Twilight, has filed for divorce from his wife, star of 90210, Jennie Garth. Peter Facinelli, the adoptive father of Edward Cullen in the vampire saga, has announced with Garth that the California couple is going their separate ways after 11 years of marriage.

Rumors began to surface about a year ago detailing the couples material discord. However, it appears the couple may have been looking to make things work because of a California law regarding property division in divorce. California is a community property state which means that all assets acquired during marriage must be equally divided between both parting parties.

This law can be overruled by documents such as prenuptial agreements. Sometimes it makes sense for a couple to sign a prenuptial agreement but it is unclear if Facinelli and Garth penned such a document before saying their vows 11 years ago. As such, they both could stand to lose half.

The couple also has three children together, daughters ages five, nine and 14. Reportedly, it appears as though through divorce mediation the couple may reach some agreement regarding joint custody. In a joint statement the couple is recorded as saying, “While we have decided to end out marriage, we both share the same deep love and devotion to our children.”

If they do not come to some understanding regarding the children and custody, the battle may play out in court. It also remains to be seen what the outcome of their property division will look like.

Source: Reuters, “‘Twilight’s’ Peter Facinelli Divorcing ‘90210’ Star Jennie Garth,” Andrew Chow, JD, Mar. 13, 2012


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