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Settling child custody disputes through mediation

During or after a divorce, one of the most critical issues that separated parents in Los Angeles, California, have to deal with is creating a plan for parenting their child. It is difficult for many parents to spend all of their free time with their children and child custody and visitation plans are often highly contested. As a result, a large number of child custody and visitation cases in California and elsewhere in the U.S. are often decided by the judicial system.

Couple behind Hollywood fitness craze to divorce

As many divorcing parents in California can likely attest to, determining a child custody arrangement can be challenging. Parents do not always agree on what constitutes the best interests of the child. Disputes surrounding these matters can become heated, but they are often resolvable. Sometimes a resolution comes in the form of joint custody, while other times it may mean one parent being awarded sole physical custody of the child.

Former NFL player reaches child custody agreement

Figuring out a child custody arrangement is a sensitive matter. While the needs of the parents are important, the best interests of the child outweigh any other consideration. Finding an arrangement that meets the best interests of the child, as well as satisfies some of the needs of the parents, can be challenging. It often requires careful and deliberate decisions that are informed by legal expertise and experience.

Tips for co-parenting in joint child custody situations

Getting a divorce is complicated in itself, both financially and emotionally, but things can get even more complex if a divorcing couple has children. Things like visitation schedules and child custody agreements can be very difficult to discuss, but there are ways divorced couples can cope with joint custody agreements and ultimately raise happy, healthy children.

California woman charged for interfering with child custody

For couples going through a divorce, it is often more complicated than simply discontinuing a relationship with a spouse and dividing assets, especially if there are children involved. Although each parent may want full custody of a child, parents must come to an agreement that best suits the child.

Keeping life's main priorities under control during divorce

It is hard for any individual to experience the divorce process. There are, however, certain steps to take in order to minimize the damage. For divorcing dads, there are often common mistakes made that increase the difficulty level of divorce. Just following a few simple rules could potentially make the entire experience much easier to undergo.

Can watching movies really help avoid divorce?

It is a topic that has be discussed inside and out by many in Oakland; how can one avoid divorce and save a marriage? The answer to this question however is often left unanswered. There appears to be no "silver bullet" one can use to save a marriage and the key to success is often different from couple to couple. One recent study however, proposes that a possible way to avoid divorce is found in the past time of watching movies.

California group wants to require pre-marriage classes

California residents may well agree that there is a rare marriage that starts out aiming for divorce. Further, while there are certainly common reasons for divorce, there is no perfect formula by which any couple might abide in order to escape separation later on. Yet, there are steps individuals can take in order to try to help maintain a healthy marriage. This often includes keeping communication lines open and being ready to commit to one person.

Seeing the light at the end of the divorce tunnel

California residents understand that there is no question divorce is a difficult process to undergo. Facing a decision to separate from one's, once thought, life partner is never easy. Then, experiencing the harshness of reality when friends and family are notified of the news makes things all the more troubling. Further, the divorce process itself can be harsh to undergo.

A divorce might build character in the long run

California residents often agree that going through a separation is a troubling and truly difficult process. The hard decisions, such as separating from one's once thought life partner, determining difficult questions, such as child custody, child support and dividing property, can take a hardy toll on all involved. Yet, it is also important to keep in perspective the potential positive aspects of getting the separation.

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