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Various factors are considered with best interests of the child

When there is a divorce in California and the couple has children, child custody will inevitably be one of the biggest issues that must be considered. There can be frequent disputes regarding child custody and it is rife with emotions. Parents will want to maintain a relationship with children despite the end of a marriage and it is important to understand how the law decides on custody. A term commonly used is "best interests of the child." Knowing what that entails and other factors can be essential to a case.

What is the order of preference for granting child custody?

Emotions can run high during a child custody dispute. In general, the parents will seek custody of the children, but others who claim to have the child's best interests in mind might also wish to be granted custody. The courts will focus on that previously mentioned phrase: the best interests of the child. Knowing the law regarding who can be granted custody is critical to a case.

What are important points about supervised visitation rights?

During a divorce, the issues that led to the couple deciding to part ways will be expressed and debated as they move forward with the end of a marriage. In cases in California where there are children from the union, child custody and visitation rights will be critical. Visitation rights are frequently in dispute and, in some circumstances, there are issues that make it necessary for a parent to have supervised visitation. Understanding key points about supervised visitation is imperative as the case moves forward.

Hollywood couple heads to court over child custody dispute

Although California is a hotbed for Hollywood celebrity and there are many people who are prominent and in the public eye, most divorces and child custody battles involve "regular" people who do not have their every move documented in the media. However, there is value in examining how family law issues are played out with well-known people to have an idea of what to expect when there is a divorce or child custody dispute for the workaday person. Regardless of whether it is a famous couple or not, having legal assistance is one of the most important aspects of a successful resolution.

Will the court order counseling in a child custody case?

Emotions can run high in a California child custody case. This is true whether the situation is somewhat amicable or it has grown into an outright child custody dispute. Above all, the courts will seek to achieve what is in the best interests of the child. Part of that might include a requirement that the parents or anyone else who is part of the child custody or visitation disagreement - including the minor child - take part in professional counseling. Understanding how the law handles this is critical to a case.

What do I do for a court order for child custody and visitation?

Often, the biggest and most contentious issues a California divorcing couple must deal with is how child custody and visitation rights will be handled. Given the likelihood of there being a dispute as to which parent will be granted custody and the amount of parenting time the noncustodial parent will get, it is important for the participants to remember how to get a custody and visitation order. Even if these issues are understood relatively well, it is still imperative to have legal assistance as the case moves forward.

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