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Californian domestic trust -- alternative to asset division?

There are few Californian married men or women who are comfortable with discussing the subject of pre-nuptial agreements with their spouses. Such discussions on their part mean that if their marriages come to an end, they have to go through the complex procedure of property division.

Economy upturn causes divorce rate to increase

As previous posts have indicated, obtaining a divorce can be a trying matter, but with the proper assistance and knowledge, a fair outcome often results. Sometimes, the reasons why individuals hold back on separating can be surprising. While the typical reasons for divorce are easy to determine, including financial issues, adultery, growing apart and disagreement over child rearing, why a couple might wait to separate is not always as obvious.

Dividing property and separating non-marital property

Many Oakland, California residents may agree that getting a divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences in life. This may be for many reasons, ranging from the emotional difficulty of separating from a loved one to determining child custody to the general complicated nature of property division. However, if a separating spouse understands applicable law and works within it, he or she can minimize the trouble as much as possible.

Some pensions not community property in California

When it comes to divorce, there are many questions to answer, including the details of child custody, child support and how to divide the property. Many separating couples may assume the most difficult part of the process is coming to an agreement as to how to answer these hard questions. Yet, sometimes, the hardest part of divorce can be interpreting the law that applies to a particular situation.

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