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California family law attorneys suggest innovative solutions

In a divorce case in California, or anywhere else in the United States, children frequently suffer more than anyone. The situation becomes very difficult when the parents get involved in a long, drawn-out battle involving child support and child custody. Many California residents may be aware that there are two types of child custody -- physical custody and legal custody.

What do you need to know when sharing child custody?

When a divorce leads to a battle, children typically turn out to be the losers. As parents engage in a war of words during the course of a divorce, children can be emotionally and psychologically wounded. And this is true throughout the country, including in California. In keeping the best interest of the child in mind, it is best to come up with a child custody arrangement with both spouses behaving decently and not emotionally, similar to business associates.

What child custody arrangements exist under California law?

In many divorce cases, children can suffer the worst from their parents' estrangement. Many times, child custody and child support can become a very bitter and drawn out battle. Custodial issues are exacerbated in cases where the children are born out of wedlock. In most states, including California, the father may not get automatic paternity rights or custody.

Developing a child custody plan per California laws

Oakland divorce is especially hard on the children of a broken home. It thus becomes imperative for parents to act responsibly and put their own issues aside, while finding a good solution for the child. Courts may often guide parents to formulate a parenting plan, visitation schedule or custodial agreement to formulate all terms of child custody.

Child custody leads to threat of violence

California residents would probably agree that divorce is the result of the breakdown of the marital bond and more often than not, the process divides entire families. Children are often the greatest casualties of a divorce. And while joint custody is usually preferred by both parents, custodial battles and battles regarding child support usually lead to increased acrimony.

Former NFL player reaches child custody agreement

Figuring out a child custody arrangement is a sensitive matter. While the needs of the parents are important, the best interests of the child outweigh any other consideration. Finding an arrangement that meets the best interests of the child, as well as satisfies some of the needs of the parents, can be challenging. It often requires careful and deliberate decisions that are informed by legal expertise and experience.

California kids can now have three or more parents

California is a wonderfully diverse state and is home to families of many shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether they are one-parent homes, two-parent homes, children living with grandparents or stepparents or others, California families are unique to themselves and do their best to support their children.

California State Treasurer's divorce under public light

There is no question that divorce is an emotionally difficult process. However, in the face of public scrutiny, the procedure can be all the more trying. California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer is currently facing such an uphill battle. The treasurer recently filed for divorce from his wife. Lockyer's wife resigned earlier this year from her position on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors after her problems with substance abuse and marital problems became public knowledge.

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