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Star of hit wedding film plans to divorce from real-life husband

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Divorce |

Since it is generally perceived as the center of the film and television industry, there are many famous people who live in California. When there is a divorce and other family law issues in the state and the people have significant assets, there is a good chance that it will involve a person whose name is recognizable across the state and the nation. What should be remembered is that family issues and the decision to get a divorce does not discriminate and can happen to anyone. Having legal assistance is a factor that is applicable to all and can be of utmost importance in a case.

The actress Nia Vardalos, whose claim to fame is the film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, a television show based on the film, and a sequel is divorcing her husband of nearly 25 years, actor Ian Gomez. Mr. Gomez is 53 and Ms. Vardalos is 55. They had been separated for around a year before announcing their plans to divorce. They are referring to their decision as having been made jointly. They have an 11-year-old adopted daughter and plan to have joint legal custody of her.

In any divorce, there will be personal and financial matters to navigate. Perhaps there is significant property, income and potential income that needs to be assessed for property division. If there are children, it is not necessarily going to be smooth to determine child custody, visitation and how the living arrangements will be handled. Famous and wealthy or not, an understanding of the legal process in the state is vital. This is true whether it is an amicable divorce, a contentious one, or somewhere in between.

Ironically, those involved in this divorce have been involved in productions related to marriage and family. While the end of the marriage between Ms. Vardalos and Mr. Gomez appears relatively agreeable, they still need legal help. For anyone getting a divorce regardless of their financial, professional and personal circumstances, a law firm experienced in all areas of divorce should be called for advice and assistance.


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