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Legal help with alimony in a high asset divorce in California

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Divorce |

One of the most common causes for dispute within a marriage is financial problems or disagreements. When the dispute reaches the level at which the couple can no longer remain married and they choose to divorce, a high asset divorce can be complex and problematic. One spouse will likely want significant alimony. The paying spouse might want to limit how much must be paid. With a high asset divorce, each side must make certain they are protected by an experienced law firm that is well-acquainted with these complicated proceedings.

Couples will inevitably battle about a litany of issues when they divorce, but alimony is one of the most contentious. Limits as to how much will be paid and the duration of those payments will be among the points of contention for the paying spouse. Trying to maximize the amount awarded and keep receiving the payments for as long as they are deemed necessary will be important to the receiving spouse. In a best-case scenario, the couple will agree on the parameters and can negotiate. A lawyer can find common ground and perhaps bring the parties together to resolve the issues amicably.

There are numerous factors that are considered when alimony is determined. For a couple with substantial assets, the marital lifestyle will be paramount. The court will seek to ensure that the receiving spouse can maintain the lifestyle he or she had while the couple was married. So too is it important to determine the means not just of the paying spouse, but of the receiving spouse to maintain that standard of living. The supporting spouse will have needs of his or her own that must be maintained. That will be factored in as the case moves forward. The length of time the couple was married will be important. A longer marriage will likely warrant a higher level of support than a short-term marriage. Age, earning capabilities, if there are mitigating factors — all are vital to the amount that is decided upon.

For people who are divorcing, have hefty assets and are concerned about alimony from the perspective of the paying or receiving spouse, having legal assistance is crucial from the start. When the decision to divorce is made, the first call that should be made is to an attorney who understands all aspects of a California divorce.


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