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5 myths men should know about high-asset divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2017 | High Asset Divorce |

The end of your marriage is the beginning of a new life. One way that you might be able to get the divorce finalized a bit faster is through mediation. This option puts you and your ex-wife in charge of what happens with all the assets you amassed during the marriage. You and your ex-wife also make decisions about other aspects of the divorce. Don’t fall for these common myths about mediation if you are ending your marriage.

#1: Mediation is only for people without many assets

You can go through mediation even if you have a considerable number of assets. Even divorces that include multiple types of assets and divorces can benefit from mediation. You and your ex-wife work with a third-party mediator to negotiate about the terms of the divorce. Even if you and she don’t get along, mediation is still likely possible.

#2: Mediation will take forever

Typically, mediation is a faster way to finalize a divorce. Even though the final agreement must be presented to the court, you don’t have to wait for a trial date to open and come around. Instead, you can spend your time working out the terms of the divorce instead of just wasting time waiting. Most cases are resolved in 6 to 10 sessions.

#3: Mediation can’t do what a trial can

Child custody and support are two issues that you can address during the mediation process. You don’t have to go through a trial just because of these two points. The child custody and support agreement you come to with your ex-wife must comply with the state’s laws. Be sure you double check this before you file an agreement with the court.

#4: Mediation will mean I get less

Mediation can produce results just like a trial can. The difference is that you and your ex-wife decide the final terms of the divorce if you go through mediation. This means that you have a chance to get what you want if you go through mediation. You must be willing to negotiate with your ex-wife during the process. A judge would make that call if you opt to go to a trial.

#5: Mediation is always appropriate

There are a few contraindications for mediation. Domestic abuse, substance abuse and hiding assets are the three primary reasons why a mediation wouldn’t be appropriate. In these cas es, most mediators and attorneys will recommend a trial to resolve the issues of the divorce. Additionally, you and your ex-wife must be able to communicate in a civil manner.


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