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Divorce mediation helps settle marital disputes amicably

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2015 | Divorce Mediation |

Divorce can be a bitter way to end a relationship, and oftentimes this bitterness extends beyond the courtroom, permanently damaging whatever was left of a relationship between the separated spouses. California is a state where the divorce rate is pretty high, and residents who have gone through this may agree that divorce litigation is indeed a costly affair. The impact of a divorce not only falls on the separated spouses, but also on the children who can be affected even more severely. So, it’s important to look at alternatives to a potentially bitter courtroom battle.

If separating spouses wish to do so, they may opt for divorce mediation or collaborative divorce, which settles issues outside the court. In case of divorce mediation, spouses may select a mediator from a listing available at their local courts. The mediator, an impartial person, would not make any decision on behalf of any spouse, but would facilitate a discussion between them in order to settle the disputes. Divorce mediation offers the spouses an opportunity to have control over their situation and decide for themselves instead of letting a judge decide. This is usually a less taxing process, both financially and emotionally.

Collaborative divorce cases allow the spouses to appoint attorneys in order to represent them, but not in a court. The spouses, along with their lawyers, meet in the presence of other professionals, such as child custody specialists and accountants. The differences and disputes are settled outside the court, and contracts are signed to confirm that none of the parties would approach a court for further resolution.

Our law firm is an experienced mediator in divorce cases. We understand that many of our clients wish to avoid the hassles of a court case, and prefer an amicable solution to their differences. Our focus lies on providing our clients an effective, safe and private settlement of marital disputes.


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