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Ending A Domestic Partnership Or Same-Sex Marriage In California

Legal separation or dissolution of a domestic partnership can be even more complicated than a traditional divorce. It is critical to work with a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to provide you with sound legal counsel through the process, as well the compassion to understand your unique legal needs.

Experienced Assistance With The End Of Your Relationship

At John T. Chamberlin, Attorney at Law, I represent clients in Pleasanton and throughout Alameda County, California. With more than 30 years of divorce law experience, I represent clients involved in all types of relationships in separation and dissolution of domestic partnerships and same-sex marriages.

If you have questions about ending your domestic partnership, call me at 925-271-5650 to discuss your specific legal needs. I am confident that I can help you.

At John T. Chamberlin, Attorney at Law, the same level of commitment, expertise and professionalism is provided to same-sex couples in dissolving their marriages and ending their domestic partnerships as it is to opposite-sex couples.

Marriage And Domestic Partnerships

California has a process for same-sex couples to enter into domestic partnerships. With some nuances and differences, the dissolution of a domestic partnership proceeds much like a traditional divorce. I represent same-sex couples and couples in other nontraditional relationships through the process of dissolution of domestic partnerships, including:

Does California Have Common-Law Marriages?

There is a common misconception that California allows “common-law marriage.” There is no such thing in California. However, unmarried couples who live together may have enforceable rights if there is an express or implied agreement between the parties. These cases are called “Marvin cases” and are based on the late actor Lee Marvin’s separation from his longtime girlfriend in 1977. His case went to the California Supreme Court, which concluded that an agreement between two cohabitating partners to share finances and property is enforceable, even though it found no evidence of such a contract in the Marvin case.

Obviously, these divorce-related considerations can become more complicated in same-sex and other nontraditional relationship contexts. Child custody and support, for example, can be extremely complicated in a same-sex dissolution, with questions of legal and biological parentage coming into play. I have the experience and knowledge to help you through these complicated issues.

Resolving Disputes As Amicably As Possible

Whenever possible, I prefer using forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to help clients resolve these conflicts in a more efficient, amicable manner. When ADR is not a viable option, I have the experience and ability to litigate these cases.

At John T. Chamberlin, Attorney at Law, I am open to representing all types of couples with skill and compassion and without prejudice. I can protect your interests and help you through all aspects of your dissolution.

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