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Costs parents may need to pay in addition to child support

Parents in California are required to provide for their children. The main things they need to provide are food, clothing and shelter. These can be costly enough, but as parents know there are many other costs associated with children as well. This obligation does not end when parents divorce or separate. The biggest difference is that how the parents pay for the needs will change. Generally one parent will pay child support to the other parent.

Understanding the importance of fathers to their children

Many of us have long known the importance that fathers play in their children's lives. But recent studies show that this relationship may be even healthier than we realize. The National Health Statistics Report "Fathers' Involvement With Their Children: United States, 2006-2010" show significant improvements in a child's schooling and behavior when fathers are in their children's lives.

How is child support determined?

There are a few factors that are taken into consideration when the courts make a ruling regarding child support. As we have stressed before, the courts want to protect a child's well-being and will make decisions in the best interests of the child. If there is joint custody, the courts will look at both the amount of time the child will spend with each parent as well as the income of each parent. When there is sole custody, various other factors are also taken into consideration.

Bay area internet entrepreneur faces for high asset divorce

High asset divorces can be challenging for divorcing couples. The wife of a local Bay Area video game developer recently filed for divorce. As part of her divorce filing, she is also challenging the couple's prenuptial agreement. Her husband is an angel investor who was in at the beginning of Facebook and Twitter. He owns greater than 10 percent of the video game company that has been behind Farmville and Words with Friends and controls nearly 70 percent of the company's shareholder vote.

Spousal support determinations in California

Spousal support can sometimes be a contentious issue during a divorce. Because spousal support is a common aspect of many divorces, it is helpful for divorcing couples to understand what it is and how it works so they can better navigate the divorce process. One of the first considerations a divorcing couple contemplating spousal support may have is how spousal support is determined.

Things to consider for late-in-life divorces

Late-in-life divorce is becoming increasingly common. It seems that as America continues to age, so does the age at which people file for divorce. In fact, divorce rates for couples over 50 double. But just because your marriage has lasted the past 20 years, does not mean that you should stick it out simply for tradition or stubbornness. A marriage that works is a beautiful thing. A marriage that does not quickly becomes toxic for everyone involved.

Planning for divorce? Don't take advice from family and friends

Did you just turn 50, and now that your kids are away at college, you're ready to engage on the divorce that you've been thinking about for years? At your age, you definitely have some good friends and close relatives who've gone through the process.

Some tricks to speed up your divorce

Once you decide that divorce is the only viable option, you want it to be over as soon as possible. Unfortunately, everything you know about divorce informs you that it is expensive, drawn-out, and vitriolic. But, not every divorce has to end in an epic dispute that takes years. This post will go over what you should do to speed up your divorce.

Difference between community and separate property

When you enter into a marriage, you do so with the understanding, at least in a general sense, that what's mine is now what's ours. In community property states, once you are married, anything purchased during the marriage and any money earned during the marriageĀ belongs to the couple.

Solving a Divorce with Seasoned California Divorce Attorneys

Couples wish their marriage to last forever. However, disputes often arise after spouses start living together, and sometimes they resolve to separate. Although couples do not look forward to such a situation, it is important for them to agree on what would happen if they had to undergo this disheartening process. Spouses bear children and gain wealth as well as liabilities. Such factors make the end of a marriage extremely complicated.

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