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Some tricks to speed up your divorce

Once you decide that divorce is the only viable option, you want it to be over as soon as possible. Unfortunately, everything you know about divorce informs you that it is expensive, drawn-out, and vitriolic. But, not every divorce has to end in an epic dispute that takes years. This post will go over what you should do to speed up your divorce.

Difference between community and separate property

When you enter into a marriage, you do so with the understanding, at least in a general sense, that what's mine is now what's ours. In community property states, once you are married, anything purchased during the marriage and any money earned during the marriageĀ belongs to the couple.

Solving a Divorce with Seasoned California Divorce Attorneys

Couples wish their marriage to last forever. However, disputes often arise after spouses start living together, and sometimes they resolve to separate. Although couples do not look forward to such a situation, it is important for them to agree on what would happen if they had to undergo this disheartening process. Spouses bear children and gain wealth as well as liabilities. Such factors make the end of a marriage extremely complicated.

Tips to manage divorce from an angry spouse

Unfortunately, despite all of the advances in counseling, divorce proceedings, the law, gender equality, and the progress in society, most marriages still end with one spouse angry or desolate. There is no cure for a broken heart or scorned lover. But there are ways to manage the divorce so that you are not drawn into a shouting match with your angry ex-spouse. This post will go over tips on how to handle an angry spouse.

An overview of common child support questions

Child support is one of those complicated areas of family law that befuddles many clients. Child support is a method of financial transference of wealth from one parent to the other parent for the care of their mutual child. Child support is paid by the spouse that spends the least time with the child to the parent who spends the most time. In theory, that means that parents who equally split time with the child should never owe child support. But in practice, that is usually never true because hardly any couple ever splits time with the children exactly 50/50. This post will go over child support and some common questions people have about it.

Nullifying prenuptial agreements

People use prenuptial agreements to protect their property and money in case their marriage ends in divorce. If you are not protected through prenuptial agreements, there is a chance you might lose most of your property. That adds to the emotional distress a divorce can cause. Signing prenuptial agreements can be complicated but they are a great way to protect your estate and property. However, you need to be wary of certain situations in which your prenuptial agreement might beĀ nullified by the court of law.

The three dangers in post-divorce relationships

Most modern divorces do not end in a clean break. You have children; there are joint business ventures, or you may even decide to keep the retirement accounts jointly held because it is cheaper and better for you both. In fact, many people will stay in contact for the sheer fact that they have known this person for a long time ? it isn't easy to cut people out of your life. Regardless of the reason, many divorced couples continue to have a relationship post-divorce. This post will go over the dangers that cause fights between post-divorce couples.

Preparing for your divorce consultation

Now that you and your wife have decided to divorce, it is time to start preparing for the process. Your entire life is going to change, from where you live to how often you get to spend time with your daughters. During the settlement process, you will have to disclose detailed information about your finances, your marriage, and other aspects of your personal life.

The US divorce rate keeps dropping. What does that reflect?

You've probably heard that half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. It's a statistic people cite to shore up a whole range of arguments, but the truth is a bit more complex. For example, it's not true that half of all first marriages end in divorce; the count includes second and later marriages, which are statistically less likely to succeed.

Options for structuring alimony payments in a divorce agreement

In this volatile economy, you may have gone through times when your income was high and others when you barely made enough to pay the bills. Lots of occupations can involve large swings in income depending on circumstances largely beyond your control. In professional sports, for example, you may stand to make millions -- but an injury or lockout could change things suddenly. The same goes for entrepreneurs; new ventures can bring big payoffs or simply fizzle out.

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