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What is a separate trial in a California divorce?

Californians generally believe that a divorce will either be categorized as one extreme or the other meaning that it will either be amicable with the parties negotiating and agreeing to part ways without rancor, or it will be rife with dispute and the parties are fighting over everything. However, in many cases, the parties can come to an agreement on certain issues, but not on others. In such a circumstance, a separate trial could be a preferable strategy. Knowing how a separate trial works and whether it is beneficial to the situation is key.

What is the criteria for a divorce by summary dissolution?

Many couples in California who have determined that their marriage is not working would like to get a divorce. However, there are concerns about the cost and time it will take to make it happen. For those whose issues are simple and prefer to avoid going before a judge, a summary dissolution might be the way to go. However, people must understand that there are certain conditions that must be in place to get a summary dissolution. Knowing these is the first step.

Model and retired football player reportedly plan to divorce

California divorces can be complicated regardless of a person's job, social standing or income. When the couple is well-known, then the situation grows more complex. People who are public figures whether it is in the entertainment industry, in sports or in some other prominent area can have trouble going through the divorce process. Many of these cases are a high-asset divorce with property division a constant source of dispute.

What are residency requirements for a California divorce?

For California couples who are at the end of a marriage, it is important to understand all aspects of the case so they do not make a mistake they will regret or one that will hinder the process. The basics are occasionally the most complicated and one that should be addressed before even starting with a divorce is whether the residency requirements are met to file in the state. To divorce or for domestic partners to divorce in California, there are certain foundational necessities.

Legal help with alimony in a high asset divorce in California

One of the most common causes for dispute within a marriage is financial problems or disagreements. When the dispute reaches the level at which the couple can no longer remain married and they choose to divorce, a high asset divorce can be complex and problematic. One spouse will likely want significant alimony. The paying spouse might want to limit how much must be paid. With a high asset divorce, each side must make certain they are protected by an experienced law firm that is well-acquainted with these complicated proceedings.

What is commingling property in a California divorce?

When a California couple decides to end their marriage, property division is a frequent topic of dispute. It can sometimes be an issue that can fester and extend the case as the parties determine who has the right to what property. In general, the property will be either community or separate property. Community meaning it belongs to both parties; separate meaning it belongs to the individuals. Some property, however, is mixed community and separate. This is also known as commingling.

What can be done in California to collect unpaid child support?

When a California couple has a child, but are no longer in a relationship with one another, one parent will likely be required to pay child support to the custodial parent. For many, this is not an issue. Sometimes, however, the paying parent does not pay what is owed in full or sometimes does not pay any of what is owed at all. Custodial parents who are unsure of their alternatives in such a circumstance should know that there is certain recourse to get the payments.

Community and quasi-community property division in a divorce

When a California couple divorces, property division will be part of the process as they move forward with the end of their marriage. This can become complicated and lead to disputes. Some might claim that a certain piece of property is theirs alone, when it might be part of the marriage under state law and should be split between the two. It is important to know the difference about community property and quasi-community property, so the items can be divided fairly.

When does child support start in California?

While divorce is an inevitable reality in life for some Californians, a portion of the basics with the process can lead to confusion. Most will have an understanding about child support, but there are nuances in most subjects, and child support is no exception. As the divorce moves forward, understanding child support is of paramount importance.

Survey shows which careers have highest incidence of divorce

While career choices are not the deciding factor on whether a marriage will succeed or end, research examining the frequency of divorce in various jobs can be useful for Californians and people across the nation. A new survey from the U.S. Census Bureau shows which jobs have the highest incidence of divorce in the U.S. This information can be beneficial to people who are having problems in their marriage and are contemplating the issues contributing to marital discord as they determine whether the end of a marriage is at hand or it can be salvaged.

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