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Legal advice for property division and business issues

When couples in California are at the end of a marriage and getting a divorce, there are basic issues that will generally come to the forefront, like custody of children, if one spouse will pay support to the other, property division and more. But, if the couple is involved in a business together and their marriage is at its end, it leaves them vulnerable to a whole new set of problems and issues that will be up for dispute.

Star of hit wedding film plans to divorce from real-life husband

Since it is generally perceived as the center of the film and television industry, there are many famous people who live in California. When there is a divorce and other family law issues in the state and the people have significant assets, there is a good chance that it will involve a person whose name is recognizable across the state and the nation. What should be remembered is that family issues and the decision to get a divorce does not discriminate and can happen to anyone. Having legal assistance is a factor that is applicable to all and can be of utmost importance in a case.

Can there be a written agreement in a default divorce case?

When ending a marriage in a California, the line between a default case and one in which there is an agreement between the parties might appear to contradict each other. However, it is possible for there to be an agreement in such a circumstance. Understanding how this can be done at the end of a marriage is key as there are certain steps that must be completed for the default case with written agreement to be considered valid.

What is an earnings assignment for child support in California?

In cases where a California couple with children has divorced, there may be concerns that the parent who is ordered to pay child support will not make the payments. Therefore, it is important to know what can be done to ensure payments are made on time and in full. The state has certain methods of ensuring that the child support is paid. One is known as an earnings assignment, alternatively referred to as wage garnishment. Knowing how to get an earnings assignment is key.

Former TV star incarcerated for failing to pay spousal support

California is a state where there are many people in the entertainment industry who either have earned or continue to earn significant sums of money. However, accruing wealth does not mean that the income will continue indefinitely and the wealth will be sufficient to maintain a previous lifestyle. When there is a high-asset divorce or separation, spousal support is often one of the most contentious divorce legal issues that must be dealt with. If a person who has been ordered to pay a certain amount in spousal support fails to do so, it can result in sanctions and even jail time.

California bill to collect unpaid child support moves forward

If a California couple decides to divorce and they had children, it is common for one parent to have custody while the other parent pays child support. A common problem, however, is if the supporting parent does not pay what he or she is supposed to. The state often struggles to collect on these delinquent payments. Strategies to compel parents to pay frequently fall short. A new bill that just passed the first house seeks to change the way past due child support is collected.

Actress and musician husband plan to divorce in California

Prominent people are commonplace in California, and they often have the same personal problems in their relationships as everyone else. These can result in the end of a marriage and the accompanying difficulties. While it might appear on the surface that people who have achieved notoriety in the entertainment industry or have accrued significant wealth will have fewer issues than regular workaday people, the reality is vastly different. People with significant assets can face various divorce legal issues that make the situation more complicated.

Legal help can be useful, even in an uncontested divorce

When a California couple decides that they are at the end of their marriage and they have essentially settled all their issues, they may pursue an uncontested divorce. This is a useful way to simply part ways and avoid the rancor, aggravation and excessive cost that accompanies many divorces. However, a common question that people will ask themselves is if they even need to have legal advice when there is an uncontested and relatively amicable parting of the ways. The answer is that can help to have legal assistance to avoid unexpected divorce legal issues.

What can be in a prenuptial agreement and when is it in effect?

Couples in California who decide to get married will often want to protect themselves against the possibility of divorce. Frequently, premarital agreements (also referred to as prenuptial agreements) are perceived as something to have when one spouse has a significant portfolio of assets while the other is of more modest means. However, that is not necessarily the case. Many people, regardless of the financial situation, want to be protected in case the marriage does not work out. Since divorce legal issues will center around property division and other financial circumstances, knowing what a premarital agreement can do is imperative, even after the marriage has been completed and the couple is considering a divorce.

How do I go about ending spousal support in California?

For many at the end of a marriage in California, there will be an order that one former spouse pay spousal support to the other. For some, this is not a major issue. For others, however, it is an economic hardship. Regardless of the circumstances, there are times when the spousal support order can and will come to an end. Knowing how to ask the court to end the spousal support order is an important step that will allow both parties to move forward and no longer need to have the same amount of contact with one another if they do not choose to.

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