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Spousal support leads to garnished wages for California woman

A San Francisco woman's wages have been garnished after she refused to continue paying her ex-husband's spousal support, order after their divorce. The judge declared that $3,300 would be garnished from the California fire chief's pay each month.

The benefits of finance assessments prior to divorce

The process of divorce, while often unpleasant and draining, is sometimes the best solution to a difficult situation. On top of learning to deal with strenuous emotions in adversarial settings, California residents should also consider their finances when going through the divorce process.

California couple denied out of state divorce

In a divorce, the terms of the division of property, and child custody and support issues can aid in mapping out a couple's split. A legal divorce obligates each divorcing spouse to abide by terms of a divorce decree. If a spouse defaults on any aspect of the divorce agreement, the injured spouse has a remedy in law that requires the defaulting spouse to comply.

New alimony bill considered by California lawmakers

California lawmakers are considering whether a victim of a violent sexual crime perpetrated by a spouse should have to eventually pay alimony to the abusive former spouse. This issue was prompted by a woman who was sexually assaulted by her husband and then recently ordered by the court to pay alimony and legal fees to her ex.

Divorce mediation a positive for kids in a difficult process

Marriage is not an easy feat, as many know from experience. However, it can be hard to understand that marriage can deteriorate to a point where divorce is the best answer. Last week, the best-selling author and blogger Penelope Trunk declared that divorce was rarely, if ever the answer. She listed her reasons, stating that divorce was "nearly always terrible for kids," and a sign of mental illness. She pointed her finger at divorcing parents, calling them "immature and selfish." However, many disagree with Trunk.

The Twilight of a California marriage

Actor in the recent phenomenon, Twilight, has filed for divorce from his wife, star of 90210, Jennie Garth. Peter Facinelli, the adoptive father of Edward Cullen in the vampire saga, has announced with Garth that the California couple is going their separate ways after 11 years of marriage.

Bitter California custody battle settled

Divorce can be emotionally tumultuous and matters only become further complicated and painful when there are children involved. California law determines which parent will gain child custody according to the best interest of the child. In many cases, both parents feel that their respective abilities are in the best interest of the child.

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