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Seeing the light at the end of the divorce tunnel

California residents understand that there is no question divorce is a difficult process to undergo. Facing a decision to separate from one's, once thought, life partner is never easy. Then, experiencing the harshness of reality when friends and family are notified of the news makes things all the more troubling. Further, the divorce process itself can be harsh to undergo.

Divorce mediation can reduce stress in divorce

While there are many challenges a person may face in life, divorce can be one of the most difficult. With so many life-changing factors involved in the separation process, including the loss of a relationship both spouses once promised would be for life, child custody issues and property division, divorce can be a traumatic experience for all involved. This is why it is so important to make a conscious effort to get through the process in the most non-adversarial way possible. Fortunately, for Oakland and Bay Area couples, there are non-adversarial options available, including divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation an answer to avoiding added stress

California isn’t the only state with rising divorce rates. Across the nation, partners find it more difficult to make marriages last. While there are many theories as to why the divorce rate is rising, some speculate it might have to do with more demands in the work place as well as the home. Whatever the reason for divorce, be it high stress or fidelity issues, divorce mediation is a relatively new and helpful option for separation.

Divorce mediation in Marin County to improve

While obtaining a divorce can be emotionally trying, at the very least, separating couples can look to a court system that will oversee the complicated questions, such as property division and child custody, in a fair manner. That is the expectation at least, but for some California city officials, certain family courts could use improvements, in a big way, particularly when it comes to divorce mediation.

Complicated reasons for separation, but an uncomplicated divorce

There are many reasons any couple might end a marriage. A major reason for divorce has to do with financial difficulties. Other couples face issues such as disagreement in how to raise children or how clean to keep the house. According to many experts, the biggest reason for divorce has to do with communication, or a lack thereof. When it comes to divorce, whatever the reason, the separation process itself can be eased through divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation offering a less adversarial separation setting

There is no question that divorce can be a trying process. It is difficult to make the decision or accept the fact that a once intended life long relationship is going to end early. A separating couple has built a life together and often shares bank accounts and children, in addition to sharing friends, family and other property. Coming to terms with the fact that one will no longer have that individual in his or her life is hard, no doubt. Sometimes, all of these emotional and stressful factors play into the divorce process, lurking somewhere deep in the unconscious mind, surfacing later as anger and frustration.

Divorce coaches helping guide couples through divorce process

People receive guidance from a variety of individuals throughout their lives. Be it from our parents, bosses, high school coaches and teachers; advice on how to tackle something is often invaluable. A rather recent development in California, and around the country, has brought structured guidance into the divorce process as well through divorce coaches.

Famous divorce researcher dies at age 90

The effect of separating spouses on children is a highly discussed consequence of divorce. As a previous post mentioned, some researchers conclude divorce can actually be better for children, because divorcing parents find themselves living a happier, less stressful life after splitting with their former spouse. Judith Wallerstein, a famous divorce researcher, took on a slightly more complicated conclusion as to the effects of divorce on children. Sadly, this dedicated researcher recently passed away.

Who gets the dog?

"The important thing for me is to get Knuckles back, and I'm gonna do whatever it takes," reports one frustrated man that has drained his entire savings account in his pursuit. Who is Knuckles? Why is this man so desperate to get Knuckles back? Where is Knuckles? This all sounds like a case of a missing child, but in fact, it is a case of bitter ex-lovers fighting over custody of their dog, a puggle named Knuckles.

San Carlos Mayor resigns due to impending divorce

The Mayor of San Carlos, California, Andy Klein, abruptly resigned this week. In the letter he wrote to the city he stated his resignation had to do with personal issues, including his impending divorce. Klein was on the City Council since 2009, and was appointed Mayor last June. In the letter, Klein indicated that during this traumatic time, the idea of juggling his personal and public life was too much. Klein had also been arrested on drunk driving suspicions in May.

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