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5 myths men should know about high-asset divorce mediation

The end of your marriage is the beginning of a new life. One way that you might be able to get the divorce finalized a bit faster is through mediation. This option puts you and your ex-wife in charge of what happens with all the assets you amassed during the marriage. You and your ex-wife also make decisions about other aspects of the divorce. Don't fall for these common myths about mediation if you are ending your marriage.

An overview of the four divorce methods, Part 1

Not every couple is the same and not every divorce is the same. Before couples were permitted only one method, traditional litigated divorce. But the modern era as produced new methods of divorcing, to recognize that not everyone needs to rely on the adversarial courtroom to resolve their differences. This post will go over two of the four methods; the remaining two will be addressed by a follow-up post.

Collaborative divorce can be a good option in some circumstances

The end of a marriage is a sensitive time for many people as it often means the end of a long-term relationship. This can create special challenges for couples going through the divorce process. Because each couple and family, and their circumstances, are different, different divorce process options are important to consider and one may be better over another depending on the situation. Along with divorce mediation, collaborative divorce is another option to consider.

Collaborative divorce can provide a more private divorce process

One aspect of divorce that many divorcing couples may not consider is that there is not necessarily a lot of privacy involved in the process. An example involves the ongoing divorce between actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Pitt recently requested that a California judge immediately seal all court records related to the divorce. The judge denied the request. A representative for Pitt noted that the judge declined an emergency hearing but would revisit the issue following the first of the year.

Divorcing couples should understand collaborative divorce

Many divorcing couples in California may not be familiar with collaborative divorce, but it is an option that can help with the divorce process. Divorce can be an emotional and difficult life experience for many couples but collaborative divorce is an option to help minimize the negative impact of a divorce on the divorcing couple and their family.

What to expect from the mediation process during divorce

There are many benefits associated with choosing mediation to resolve issues during a divorce. These include limiting the amount of money spent on attorneys by resolving things before the divorce is presented to a judge and finding mutually tenable compromises that might otherwise require judicial intervention (and a decision that makes both parties unhappy). If there is any chance that you and your estranged spouse may be able to work somewhat amicably through the more pressing issues, such as custody and support of any children and the division of the larger shared assets (such as homes, retirement accounts, and vehicles), working with a mediator may be in the best interest of everyone involved.

What are the benefits of mediation?

Divorce mediation offers a number of benefits for divorcing couples to consider. Mediation enlists the help of a neutral third party to resolve divorce-related issues that are oftentimes contested between divorcing couples. The idea of litigating divorce-related issues may compound the stress families face during the divorce process, while mediation may help minimize anxiety sometimes associated with the divorce process.

The benefits of collaborative divorce

There are different alternatives to divorce litigation that may help couples reach a more amicable divorce settlement. Mediation and collaborative divorce are two alternate options provided by the family law system for couples to consider when divorcing. Mediation and collaborative divorce share some similarities. Each process involves negotiation and can be helpful for couples to help them reach a divorce settlement.

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