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Can watching movies really help avoid divorce?

It is a topic that has be discussed inside and out by many in Oakland; how can one avoid divorce and save a marriage? The answer to this question however is often left unanswered. There appears to be no "silver bullet" one can use to save a marriage and the key to success is often different from couple to couple. One recent study however, proposes that a possible way to avoid divorce is found in the past time of watching movies.

California group wants to require pre-marriage classes

California residents may well agree that there is a rare marriage that starts out aiming for divorce. Further, while there are certainly common reasons for divorce, there is no perfect formula by which any couple might abide in order to escape separation later on. Yet, there are steps individuals can take in order to try to help maintain a healthy marriage. This often includes keeping communication lines open and being ready to commit to one person.

January divorce month after the stress of the holidays

It is no uncommon thing to seek out a divorce after the holiday season. Some California residents appreciate that there is often, in fact, an uptick in the divorce numbers in January. In a moment of sardonic depth, January is sometimes referred to as National Divorce Month.

Money lies that can result in divorce problems

As many California residents might appreciate, while there are a variety of reasons couples obtain divorces, one of the biggest has to do with financial matters. Specifically, some experts estimate that when an individual keeps a money secret from his or her spouse, such behavior might often lead to divorce. This problem also will often translate into a greater issue during the divorce proceedings where transparency and honesty are the best key to a successful and stress-free divorce.

Property division and Obamacare

As California residents have likely noticed, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare as it is commonly known, is getting quite a bit of attention in the news lately. Yet, aside from the discussions surrounding website registration hiccups, insurance coverage deadlines and meeting insurance policy requirements, there is also some focus on the act's relationship to divorce.

Same-sex divorce issues

Recent posts have discussed the ever-changing family structure and how such changes influence divorce. One of the most influential changes to family law recently comes in the form of same sex marriage, and the increasing expansion of the definition of marriage. These changes also impact divorce. Some trouble has erupted, however, as numerous states have different laws on the matter of both same-sex marriage and same-sex divorce.

Infidelity in marriage and its impact on the divorce process

While there are many reasons for divorce, one of the must hurtful and painful is that of infidelity. A cheating spouse might not always result in separation, but for some couples, the behavior might make the marriage unsalvageable. When a divorce results from such circumstances, it is important to take into account whether the behavior could impact the divorce proceedings.

Property division tools when divorcing later in life

As California residents are aware, the decision to get a divorce is a truly life-altering one. Yet, separating from one's spouse is not always nearly as difficult as many might imagine and the decision can improve quality of life in the long run. While the divorce rate in the nation generally has been declining as of late, the divorce rate for those 50 plus has actually risen. Obtaining a divorce in the later stages in life might feel intimidating, yet there are a number of resources available that can make the process surmountable.

Economy upturn causes divorce rate to increase

As previous posts have indicated, obtaining a divorce can be a trying matter, but with the proper assistance and knowledge, a fair outcome often results. Sometimes, the reasons why individuals hold back on separating can be surprising. While the typical reasons for divorce are easy to determine, including financial issues, adultery, growing apart and disagreement over child rearing, why a couple might wait to separate is not always as obvious.

Understanding California state law on the division of property

Something couples going through a divorce in California may not fully understand is that where they live when obtaining a divorce can substantially affect their divorce decree. While many states have similar laws when it comes to a spectrum of subjects including child custody, business law and civil negligence law, they diverge on issues of property division. Knowing how the property division process works in California can mean fewer surprises down the road.

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