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Family law considerations can be complex for same-sex couples

Dissolution of domestic partnerships can be complicated. Legal separation can also be complicated, but the family law legal process is available to help couples and families. Couples in same-sex marriages, domestic partnerships, or separation situations may be in need of understanding and direction. When same-sex couples seek to dissolve their marriages, as when any couples seeks a divorce, there are many important considerations both partners must resolve. Same-sex couples seeking to dissolve a domestic partnership may also have a number of important concerns with which they need to deal.

What child custody arrangements are possible in California?

Child custody can be a significant and emotional concern for many parents entering the divorce process. Because of the sensitive and important nature of child custody, divorcing couples may wonder what child custody arrangements are possible and likely.

Child custody a concern in Halle Berry's divorce

Parents going through the divorce process are encouraged to reach shared agreements concerning divorce-related issues whenever possible. Halle Berry and her husband, actor Olivier Martinez, recently announced that they are divorcing. A primary concern in the divorce will be custody of the couple's 2-year old son. According to reports, the couple each filed a divorce petition, however, it is important to the couple that they not engage in a child custody battle. The couple both filed for joint custody of the child.

What to say to young children about divorce and child custody

Divorcing couples may sometimes be unaware of the impact their divorce can have on their children. Some simple pointers concerning how to talk young children during divorce can be helpful. It is important to explain the divorce process in straightforward and simple terms to young children. When approaching young children, parents should carefully explain how the divorce will impact them.

Understanding child custody in California

Child custody is a common term used in reference to the rights and responsibilities parents have when sharing parenting duties and responsibilities. Child custody refers to the care of the children, and visitation refers to the time each parent will spend with the children. Parents in divorce situations need to decide on both child custody and visitation.

Same-sex couples may face discrimination in child custody cases

Same-sex couples in California may have adopted children and many may have biological children through assisted reproduction, but when it comes to child custody disputes, they are still subject to discrimination of a certain kind. Many gay or lesbian residents may have been in a heterosexual partnership before publically acknowledging their homosexuality, so they may face child custody disputes from the partner from the previous relationship.

Couple in San Francisco fights over frozen embryos

A recent case filed in San Francisco by a divorced couple over custody of frozen embryos may lead to a new law in the state because the issue; so far, has not been addressed legally. Simply put, this is a not a custody dispute for a living, breathing child but for potential children in the form of cryogenically preserved embryos. San Francisco family court now has to decide what happens to these frozen embryos when one divorced spouse wants them destroyed while the other doesn't.

Reducing custody disputes between divorced parents

Divorce is stressful for all those involved, especially children. Often, children are forced to let go of one parent and are sometimes required to adjust to a parent's new spouse. Single parents in Oakland may agree that single parenting is difficult and frustrating at times and that it is no less difficult to be a child of a single parent.

Litigation aside, there are ways to resolve divorce legal issues

Divorce litigation sometimes turns into a bitter courtroom battle, and the family may have to withstand a lot of emotional and financial stress. Therefore, a spouse in California who intends to file for divorce may consider looking at the other options, besides litigation, that offer settlements outside of a courtroom. The court may sanction a divorce, without considering the impact that it may have on the people involved. Therefore, if the issues that lead to the separation can be resolved outside of court, it may save the family from potential financial and emotional stress.

California family law attorneys suggest innovative solutions

In a divorce case in California, or anywhere else in the United States, children frequently suffer more than anyone. The situation becomes very difficult when the parents get involved in a long, drawn-out battle involving child support and child custody. Many California residents may be aware that there are two types of child custody -- physical custody and legal custody.

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