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The legal issues of divorcing while pregnant

The high of pregnancy and the low of divorce takes a lot of people on an emotional rollercoaster. But it is critical that you don't allow your emotions to cloud your good judgment. If you are getting divorced while pregnant, you cannot overlook your legal rights. You need to set firm rules for custody and support to ensure your future, your relationship with your child, and your child's future. This post will go over divorce and the issues it brings up during pregnancy.

Noncustodial parent abduction

Family law disputes are complicated and overwhelming for all those involved. This is further magnified in child custody cases where one parent is usually left disappointed. Their disappointment may lead them to try and abduct their own child in an attempt to spend more time with them. As heartbreaking as it is, it is against the law to take the child away from the custodial parent without prior notice. The law takes strict action against noncustodial parent abduction. The criminal justice system has methods to make sure the children are returned safely and such incidents do not happen again.

Who gets to claim the child as a dependent?

As tax season approaches, it is probably time to review some tax and family law issues. Divorce and child custody disputes profoundly influence your taxes, and it is important to understand how they work, so you avoid the dreaded "audit." Who can claim your child as a dependent depends on two things? First, with whom the child spent the majority of the year. Second, if the time is equal (as in for joint custody), then whether the proper paperwork and coordination are done between the parents. This post will address both questions.

Shielding your children from alcoholic parent during divorce

Divorce is always ugly. Ending a jointly built life is always going to be complicated. But, it is even worse if you have children. Add on top of that, an alcoholic parent, and you have an explosive mixture of emotions and impaired judgment. Unfortunately, thousands of couples divorce every month because one or both spouses were unable to address their substance abuse issues. In that reality, how do you protect your children from the ugly truth? This post will go over how you can try to protect your kids.

Can you obtain a relocation order?

Relocation orders are special permission grants from family court judges. You need a relocation order to move your child a significant distance. They are necessary because usually a move away or relocation means that the child is being moved a substantial distance from their other parent. Obtaining relocation orders is possible but complicated. This post will go over how you might get a relocation order.

Child custody concerns are addressed by the family law process

Child custody concerns can be a serious factor in many divorces which can be further complicated by life changes following divorce as the child continues to grow and develop. The family law process provides flexible resources to help parents and families negotiate to reach child custody and visitation arrangements and also help them amicably arrive at solutions when the need to modify a child custody arrangement arises.

Child support and bankruptcy

Child custody battles are usually followed by child support negotiations and legal battles. In most cases, the non-custodial parent has to pay child support to the custodial parent to help them bear the finances of the child. The law is strict towards parents that do not pay their share of child support. It is very difficult to get yourself out of this financial obligation, and the judge makes sure every decision is in the best interests of the child. However, bankruptcy is a special case in which the laws are complicated, and the amount of child support might be changed.

Modifying your child support agreement

A child support agreement determines the way in which child support will be paid. It is determined after negotiations between the parents. The financial situation of the parent paying the child support might change, which is why there are laws in place to modify a child support agreement. The child support agreement may be modified by either party, and the court can increase or decrease it accordingly. The child's requirements may increase with age, which could prompt the custodial parent to ask for an increase in child support.

How do I prepare for the child custody process?

It is helpful to be as prepared as possible for a child custody hearing or other family-law related court appearance. You may have one coming up and wonder how you can best prepare for it. Knowing what to expect, and being as prepared as possible, can help parents approaching a child custody hearing or other family law-related concern.

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