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Child support and bankruptcy

Child custody battles are usually followed by child support negotiations and legal battles. In most cases, the non-custodial parent has to pay child support to the custodial parent to help them bear the finances of the child. The law is strict towards parents that do not pay their share of child support. It is very difficult to get yourself out of this financial obligation, and the judge makes sure every decision is in the best interests of the child. However, bankruptcy is a special case in which the laws are complicated, and the amount of child support might be changed.

Modifying your child support agreement

A child support agreement determines the way in which child support will be paid. It is determined after negotiations between the parents. The financial situation of the parent paying the child support might change, which is why there are laws in place to modify a child support agreement. The child support agreement may be modified by either party, and the court can increase or decrease it accordingly. The child's requirements may increase with age, which could prompt the custodial parent to ask for an increase in child support.

How do I prepare for the child custody process?

It is helpful to be as prepared as possible for a child custody hearing or other family-law related court appearance. You may have one coming up and wonder how you can best prepare for it. Knowing what to expect, and being as prepared as possible, can help parents approaching a child custody hearing or other family law-related concern.

Understanding what types of property may be community property

It is no secret that property division during a divorce can be challenging. In California, community property laws are followed when dividing property upon divorce. Under community property laws, property acquired during the marriage is owned equally by spouses and is divided equally when they divorce. It is oftentimes thought of as a fifty-fifty split of property upon divorce.

Family law help is available when a parent abducts a child

Child custody is a serious topic for a number of families, and concerns over a custody agreement that has not been followed can increase the serious nature of the concerns that parents may have. Emotions can sometimes cloud better judgment, which may lead to one parent violating a custody agreement and abducting their child. In some circumstances, an international abduction situation may make the issue more complex and worrisome for the other parent.

How are the best interests of the child determined in California?

When child custody issues are negotiated and decided upon in California, what is in the best interests of the child is the main consideration used to determine child custody. If you are involved in child custody negotiations in California, you may wonder how the best interests of the child are determined.

Understanding the importance of a parenting plan

Parenting plans are an important part of the divorce process. Developing a parenting plan can be a significant divorce-related issue for most divorcing parents. Parenting plans can sometimes, however, be difficult to develop and work out so some tips for creating a successful parenting plan may be useful. Divorcing parents may initially question the need for a parenting plan but it is important to keep in mind that life changes following a divorce and relationships change, job schedules change and people have to move or decide to remarry which is why it is important to develop a parenting plan at the outset of the divorce.

How to know when a divorce modification may be granted

Divorce settlements are an important part of the divorce process, however, modifying a divorce settlement may also be important for the divorced parties. The lives of the parties, of course, continue to move forward following a divorce which may create a need for changes to divorce settlements. In some circumstances, a party to the divorce may seek a modification of the divorce settlement and in some circumstances, a modification to a divorce settlement may be contested.

Family law considerations can be complex for same-sex couples

Dissolution of domestic partnerships can be complicated. Legal separation can also be complicated, but the family law legal process is available to help couples and families. Couples in same-sex marriages, domestic partnerships, or separation situations may be in need of understanding and direction. When same-sex couples seek to dissolve their marriages, as when any couples seeks a divorce, there are many important considerations both partners must resolve. Same-sex couples seeking to dissolve a domestic partnership may also have a number of important concerns with which they need to deal.

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