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Pre-wedding doubts could lead to divorce

There are many reasons why going through a divorce can be difficult. Emotional strife, complex property division and battles over child custody can be challenging to deal with. However, a new study may help California residents in identifying whether their relationship is headed for divorce before they even get to the altar.

California treasurer's wife granted some visitation rights

One of the most difficult things about separating from a partner occurs when children are involved. Determining who gets the children and when are incredibly difficult decisions and often the reason why the divorce process is long and contentious. However, in a lot of circumstances, the separating couple is able to determine the details of child custody themselves. However, the state of California also considers the best interests of the child in determining custody issues and while consider this test when approving a custody request. These best interest considerations are currently at play in the matter of the separation of the California treasurer and his wife.

Changing one's name after divorce

We've all either experienced or known someone who has gotten a divorce. Thus, we all also know that in an increasingly gender equal society, the terms of divorces are also changing. The way property division works, alimony awarded and child custody determined is a completely different process in this new world, where most divorcing women are in the full-time workforce, making as much money, if not more than, their divorcing spouse.

Determining pet custody in a divorce

There are many things to argue over in a divorce. This is, unfortunately, part of the reason why divorces can be complicated and stressful. Child custody is one of those very contentious issues. Parents spend long hours debating with each other and a judge about who should gain custody of the children and when. One issue entering the debate more and more often has to do with the custody, not of children, but pets.

How to act during divorce

There are many different issues to discuss in the divorce process. Issues of child custody, property division, alimony and child support swirl in and out of the difficult separation discussion. Sometimes it is assumed in a heterosexual divorce that the woman will gain custody of the children, while the man will end up paying child support. However, as many previous posts have indicated, and as many Alameda County residents know, times have changed. The right to child support payments -- or the obligation to pay child support -- is no longer gender specific.

California considers children with more than two parents

The definitions of who is a legal parent and of parenting itself have been changing and expanding for the past decade. With advances in assisted reproductive technology, as well as the increase in adoption, a child may often potentially have more than two parental figures in her life. In spite of these changes, most states have limited the number of legal parents any child can have to two. This decision has an impact on many multi-parent families in divorce proceedings as a court is often forced to determine that only two parents have parenting rights.

Spousal support leads to garnished wages for California woman

A San Francisco woman's wages have been garnished after she refused to continue paying her ex-husband's spousal support, order after their divorce. The judge declared that $3,300 would be garnished from the California fire chief's pay each month.

Former Yahoo president finalizes high asset divorce

Divorce is a complex and at time agonizing process. However, when a high-profile couple divorces while slinging drug abuse and sexual infidelity accusations, the complexity is taken to an entirely different level. As difficult as any divorce is, a high asset divorce can become even more acrimonious.

What not to do in a child custody case

In California, either or both parents may obtain custody of the children in the event of a divorce. Often, during divorce discussions, parents will determine on their own custody details, or what is often called a parenting plan. However, if parents cannot agree, a judge may have to make the final decision on which parent obtain custody of the children. California considers the best interests of the child when determining child custody.

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