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Dual citizenship brings complicated concepts to child custody

In an era when international travel, trade and communication is frequent and relatively easy, it's understandable that relationships can begin and develop between a California resident and someone from an entirely different country. However, in the event of divorce, working with a jurisdictional and child custody issue across international borders is often quite complex.

Divorce mediation offering a less adversarial separation setting

There is no question that divorce can be a trying process. It is difficult to make the decision or accept the fact that a once intended life long relationship is going to end early. A separating couple has built a life together and often shares bank accounts and children, in addition to sharing friends, family and other property. Coming to terms with the fact that one will no longer have that individual in his or her life is hard, no doubt. Sometimes, all of these emotional and stressful factors play into the divorce process, lurking somewhere deep in the unconscious mind, surfacing later as anger and frustration.

U.S. Supreme Court grapples with international child custody case

Divorce can by a trying affair. In addition to questions of property division and child support, separating couples most often address child custody concerns. If divorcing spouses can agree between each other on whether one will have sole custody or the two will share joint custody, a judge often need not intervene.

Divorcing parents with disabilities may face challenges with child custody

Many individuals experiencing divorce struggle with custody issues. Determining the physical custody and legal custody of one's child can be an incredibly difficult process. California courts consider the best interests of the child when issuing child custody orders.

Budget cuts hitting the court system, child custody issues hard

State budget cuts in California are hitting many government programs hard. The California court system is an example of a government branch that has taken one of the deepest cuts. Courthouses across the state are cutting back hours and even closing altogether. What has resulted is longer waits for court dates and further drives for some who no longer have a courthouse in their home city. Divorcing spouses involved in child custody disputes are particularly affected by these recent cuts, which totaled approximately $350 million from the California court system this year.

Woman gets probation for child custody deprivation charge

Child custody cases can be complicated at best. The emotions involved, combined with the complicated task of dividing time with your children, mean that coming to an agreement on parenting time is often a difficult road. While California courts will consider the proposed parenting plan put forth by the separating spouses, ultimately the law looks to the best interests of the child when ruling on child custody issues.

How adult children factor into divorce

Previous posts on this blog have discussed child custody issues that can come up during divorce. There is no doubt that child custody is one of the most contentious and emotionally charged topics during a separation. However, things may be a little different when the divorcing couple has grown children. A recent article highlights how to handle divorce when it involves adult children.

Pre-wedding doubts could lead to divorce

There are many reasons why going through a divorce can be difficult. Emotional strife, complex property division and battles over child custody can be challenging to deal with. However, a new study may help California residents in identifying whether their relationship is headed for divorce before they even get to the altar.

California treasurer's wife granted some visitation rights

One of the most difficult things about separating from a partner occurs when children are involved. Determining who gets the children and when are incredibly difficult decisions and often the reason why the divorce process is long and contentious. However, in a lot of circumstances, the separating couple is able to determine the details of child custody themselves. However, the state of California also considers the best interests of the child in determining custody issues and while consider this test when approving a custody request. These best interest considerations are currently at play in the matter of the separation of the California treasurer and his wife.

Changing one's name after divorce

We've all either experienced or known someone who has gotten a divorce. Thus, we all also know that in an increasingly gender equal society, the terms of divorces are also changing. The way property division works, alimony awarded and child custody determined is a completely different process in this new world, where most divorcing women are in the full-time workforce, making as much money, if not more than, their divorcing spouse.

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