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Couple splits twins in child custody decision

The difficult question of child custody in divorce is known all too well for many Californians. Coming to an agreement on how to divide parenting time can be the hardest issue to address when obtaining a separation. When a couple cannot agree on separating the kids, the State of California steps in and determines child custody based on the best interests of the child.

Child custody and sperm donation debated in California

California courts have always taken issues of child custody seriously. When determining who has the right to legal and physical custody of a child, it is important to consider the best interests of the child involved. However, determining the best interests of the child is not always a clear and easy process. In an age where the nuclear family is changing dramatically, the parents of a child are not always as easy to identify.

Divorce mediation can reduce stress in divorce

While there are many challenges a person may face in life, divorce can be one of the most difficult. With so many life-changing factors involved in the separation process, including the loss of a relationship both spouses once promised would be for life, child custody issues and property division, divorce can be a traumatic experience for all involved. This is why it is so important to make a conscious effort to get through the process in the most non-adversarial way possible. Fortunately, for Oakland and Bay Area couples, there are non-adversarial options available, including divorce mediation.

Child custody battle strands mother and child in Brazil

California residents are well aware that one of the most potentially contentious aspects of divorce can be that of determining child custody. While separating property and other assets, or even ironing out spousal support details are certainly difficult, making the ultimate decision of where the children live and with whom is truly life altering. While the laws in California can make child custody determinations relatively straightforward, based off a best interest of the child concept, these court decisions are not always honored in other countries.

Divorce mediation an answer to avoiding added stress

California isn’t the only state with rising divorce rates. Across the nation, partners find it more difficult to make marriages last. While there are many theories as to why the divorce rate is rising, some speculate it might have to do with more demands in the work place as well as the home. Whatever the reason for divorce, be it high stress or fidelity issues, divorce mediation is a relatively new and helpful option for separation.

Traditional gender roles and child custody

In the recent decades, a lot of the things have changed about American culture. One of the major movements of societal modification involves that of changing gender roles. In a world where it is no longer politically correct to correlate certain household chores and family obligations to a particular gender, one social critic questions whether equality is serving the greater good.

Experts claim Viagra increases likelihood of divorce

There are any number of reasons a couple divorces, ranging from a difference in approaches to child-rearing or financial disagreements. Some experts have also added to this list with the popular drug, Viagra.

Child custody issues as they relate to your taxes

Knee-deep in tax season, many separated and recently divorced California couples are struggling with the added complication that separation has on finances and their tax returns. Property division, alimony, child custody and child support all potentially affect one's tax filing. For those California residents wondering whether to claim any or all of their children on the tax return post-divorce, consider an expert's advice.

Divorce might bring out the best in a person

There are many difficult aspects to divorce. The decision to separate is not an easy one for any couple. When children are involved, things get infinitely more complicated. While many suggest that divorce can result in difficulties to family life, one dad finds a bright side to separation.

Post-divorce communications in California

When a divorce is in process, there is often nothing more controversial than child custody and child support determinations. For separating parents, what happens with the children post-divorce can be a very difficult issue to agree upon. While California courts determine child custody on a best interest of the child concept, the courts often first look to the parents if the separating couple has agreed on a child custody arrangement.

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